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Starting back in the nineties with research towards the essential building blocks of life in soil and plants the AGRO-SOLUTIONS Company was officially founded in 2004 in the Netherlands. As a true industry innovator and provider of sustainable solutions for modern agriculture, we continuously work on farmer solutions that on one hand improve quality and yield, and on the other hand reduce residues of plant protection products.

Each day with renewed commitment – through scientific knowledge of natural and organic growing – we create solutions to give health back to the people. Our mission is to give farmers solutions to enable them to meet today’s consumers demands: fruits and vegetables with high nutritional values, solutions that also improve shelf life and create no or an absolute minimum of residues of plant protection products.



Here are 4 reasons why you should choose us

  • Customer Oriented

    We offer the best customer experience by understanding the customer’s needs, requirements and demands.

  • Solutions Provider

    We provide distinguishing solutions supported by innovative, highest quality and added value products.

  • Quality and Value

    Our products are
    100% concentrated, and
    produced according to
    GMP standards.

  • Environment

    We value a healthy
    climate and environment
    by assuring a sustainable
    way of operating .

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The agro-solutions group is continuously working for a better balance between our modern lifestyle and respect for the environment. Because we care.