MOSA: Stabilized Monosilicic Acid

“a new opportunity for efficient and effective supplementation of Silicon by root or leaf” – 100% Bioavailable

AGRO-SOLUTIONS has been researching Silicon for over 15 years.
This research has been conducted on:

  • Formulation, concentration and stability of Monosilicic Acid
  • Modes of action, in order to supply sustainable solutions to modern agriculture.
  • Most efficient ways to apply it to different crops – Application


The formulations of MOSA are liquid and concentrated (2-3% as monosilicic acid). The formulations will remain in a stable monomeric form for a minimum of at least two years and are applicable by leaf and root. Only high quality pharma and food grade ingredients are used and manufacturing process is organized regarding GMP standards.

Stabilized Monosilicic Acid = MOSA = monomer = Si(OH)4

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