After years of extensive research, AGRO-SOLUTIONS has created sustainable solutions to deal with the problems that growers are confronted with. Our skill in formulations is in the field of re-introducing the building blocks of life.

As there are many building blocks of life, we selected 3 highly interesting building blocks that formed the bases of our three product lines:

  • Silicon in the form of monomeric silicic acid (product line: SILIFORCE)
  • Proteins in the form of L-amino-acids (product line: AMX)
  • Microbes in the form of microbiological formulations (product line: MICROMIX)

These three building blocks are the base of our products: SILIFORCE, AMX and MICROMIX. All of our products are entirely non-toxic and environmentally safe.
AGRO-SOLUTIONS has created products that are:

  • Easy to apply
  • Strongly concentrated
  • Efficient and economic
  • Applicable by the root as well as by the leaf
  • Validated by universities and research institutes
  • Safe and clean