What is it?

The main active ingredients in MICROMIX are specific microbiological extracts, spores and isolates (MO). MICROMIX is a range of different formulations that contain MO, combined with Bio-stimulants like l-amino acids, humic acids and seaweeds.

MICROMIX contains high concentrations of specific biomass combined with bio-stimulants that stimulate micro life as well as plant development.


MicroMix =Specific Biomass + Bio-stimulants

What does it do?

MICROMIX acts as a Soil Conditioner and Root Stimulant. MICROMIX improves bio-availability of nutrients based on plant needs. It helps the root system to protect against pathogens and enhance nutrient uptake and mineralisation.

General benefits

MICROMIX has proven to:

  • Improve crop quality
  • Enhance crop yield
  • Enhance root development
  • Reduce transplant stress
  • Stimulates micro life