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15 Years of Sustainable Solutions for Modern Agriculture

Our mission is to give farmers solutions to enable them to meet today’s consumers’ demands: fruits and vegetables with high nutritional values, solutions that also improve shelf life and create no or an absolute minimum of residues of plant protection products.

After the seed of our mission was planted in the mid-’90s, we started exploring the idea to handle our soils and plant life differently. From there the focus quickly turned to the development of biological and organic fertilizers, based on three essential building blocks of life, namely Silicon, L-amino acids, and Beneficial Microbes. We stuck to these building blocks and developed the technology to make the products resulting from these building blocks as “bioavailable” as possible for soil and crops.

Operations started from a storage unit in the town of Nuth, located in the very south of the Netherlands and the company has experienced steady growth from there, albeit with some obstacles and hurdles to overcome. Our first collaborations with universities and the resulting formulations, like the unique MOSA (Mono-Silicic Acid) technology, arose here through intensive research. This was a time with a lot of experimentation, formulation, testing, and analysis. Efficacy and stability were, and still are, key.

In part pushed by the growing pains in the second lustrum of our existence, Agro-Solutions moved to the stunning building at the business park ‘De Horsel’ in Nuth in 2016, where we still are to this day. This move allowed us to take the necessary steps to grow into a more professional organization and has certainly contributed to the company’s maturity. This enabled us to move into other competitive arenas more easily.

Nowadays, our products are produced in a fully GMP & ISO environment where a guaranteed formulation, quality, and shelf life are paramount. There has therefore been a strong focus on quality over the past 5 years, and product quality assurance throughout the entire supply chain has been guaranteed. Agro-Solutions only works with partners who operate GMP and are ISO certified.

In 2020 Agro-Solutions invested in a second building parallel to the main building. In addition to the new warehouse and order handling environment, this building includes a brand new Research & Development environment and test environment that is housed within. An indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse environment have been created to be able to more easily further test and analyze our products under various circumstances.

For Agro-Solutions, customer satisfaction starts with understanding the customer and their “problems”. We do not sell a product but a customer-oriented solution. In addition, we ensure that the customer “understands” our products by providing guidance, consultation, and training so that we are sure that the result will be satisfactory.

We see a bright future ahead. The human mindset is increasingly shifting towards healthy living and healthy, nutritious products. Sustainability and the environment are high on the agenda worldwide and are increasingly addressed within politics.

With the new R&D and testing facility, supported by strong partners and their expertise, Agro-Solutions will have an even better opportunity to respond to market needs, as well as legal and regulatory demands to reduce residue and harmful substances with our formulations while ensuring a healthy way of farming. We will therefore focus on further developing the existing product line in the future, and exploring new potential solutions or combinations of products in the future. One such case we’re currently looking into is products that strengthen the effect of existing (harmful) products, allowing one to significantly decrease the required amount of product needed.  We have promising results from initial testing of a combination of MOSA with rapeseed oil, and in this area, Agro-Solutions foresees a development that guarantees less harmful substances (heavy metals/residues) and a healthier soil and plant life.

Agro-Solutions now serves customers worldwide; in Europe, Australia, Canada, North Africa, etc. Our portfolio is growing and the opportunities are endless.

We work hard to increase our footprint, but without losing sight of what it all started with: Offering a solution to farmers and consumers. Being able to guarantee better and healthier food and make a positive contribution to the complex sustainability and environmental problems.