MO: Microbial formulations

“a new opportunity for efficient and effective soil conditioning”
100% Bioavailable

AGRO-SOLUTIONS has been researching Microbial formulations for over 15 years.

This research has been conducted on:

  • Selection of specific microbial strains – MO profile & Formulations
  • Modes of action, in order to supply sustainable solutions to modern agriculture
  • Most efficient ways to applicate it to different crops – Application


The formulations of MO are concentrated and available in liquid form or powder form. The formulations will remain stable for a minimum of at least two years with an applied bio fixation of specific biomass and are applicable by root.

To ensure the best possible quality, ingredients are selected from safe sourcing, with regular and intense quality control. The production of our formulation occurs in sterile conditions. We obtain the microbial strains by a controlled bioreactor process.

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