Consumers nowadays aspire to live a healthier life and live in and leave behind a greener and better environment for future generations. People from all over the world are getting more and more conscious about the influence of healthy food and its origins. AGRO-SOLUTIONS acts on these wishes and wants to bring back the real taste of healthy food to our children.

We want to take care of our planet, whilst expressing all the passion towards a solution that a customer wishes to utilize for a healthier life style and environment.

AGRO-SOLUTIONS fully focussed on consumer and market demands by concentrating on solutions concerning:

  • Restrictions to the presence of plant protection molecules in food
  • Restrictions to the concentration of plant protection molecules in food
  • The need to improve nutritional values of our food
  • The need to improve shelf life and conservation of fruits and vegetables
  • Environmental footprint

Fruits and vegetables grown with AGRO-SOLUTIONS products meet all these demands. AGRO-SOLUTIONS has had a vision of healthier and better food for more than 15 years. This vision led to the creation of plant nutrition products and bio-stimulants that enable of farmers to produce fruits and vegetables with:

  • Higher nutritional values and better taste
  • Less residues of plant protection products
  • Better quality and shelf life

Nowadays the need for true solutions is higher than ever. We provide proven technology from field to plate. Consumers have the right to experience healthy, tasty and clean food. Let’s start the experience right now!