L-AA: Left turning Amino Acids

“a new opportunity for efficient and effective supplementation of nutrients by root or leaf” – 100% Bioavailable.

AGRO-SOLUTIONS has been researching L-Amino Acids for over 15 years.
This research has been conducted on:

  • Formulation, concentration and stability of L-Amino Acids
  • Modes of action, in order to supply sustainable solutions to modern agriculture.
  • Most efficient ways to applicate it to different crops – Application

Traditional Amino acids


The formulations of L-AA are liquid and concentrated (25-55%). L-Amino Acids will remain in a stable L-form for at least two years and have different peptides chain length with various molecular weights, which allow us to formulate the products depending on type of application and target.

The formulations can be applied by leaf and root. Quality is guaranteed through ingredients selected from safe sourcing. L-AA is obtained by a controlled enzymatic hydrolysis, regarding ISO standards.

AMX-L Amino acids

Building blocks of life