Today’s Agricultural business is a very dynamic industry.

Adapted regulations for more moderate use of plant protection products and fertilizers are planned and executed. Multinationals that manufacture and supply agro-chemicals are regrouping. Competition is getting harder and harder and the margins on bulk fertilizers and PPP are far from what they used to be in the good old days.

More and more, farmers are searching and demanding for solutions rather than just a fertilizer or PPP. In the range of the traditional products like bulk fertilizers and PPP, many companies start creating a new range of specialty fertilizers and/or bio-stimulants. On the actual market there is a wide selection of products based on algae, amino-acids, humic and fulvic acids, micro-organisms and plant extracts.

Without proper education there is a risk that all this will end in just marketing based information to an increased demand from farmers, crop advisors and dealers. Distributors often under estimate the need of good technical crop advise how to apply the products concerning timing, in what dosage and how to position the products. In reality, farmers often get demotivated and confused as it did not give them the right solution for their problem(s).

AGRO-SOLUTIONS can provide to its distributors a concept of innovative products that perfectly fit into the market demands. The products are based on proven technology, added value and quality. The offered concept consists of innovative technology, crop application know-how and education to crop consultants, dealers and farmers.