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Fight Water Mold With SILIFORCE

Currently, The Netherlands and neighboring countries are plagued by heavy rainfall; rivers can barely take the water loads and more and more news is coming out about flooded houses, stores, restaurants, etc. What many people may not realize are the effects this weather could have on the agricultural sector.

Heavy rainfall makes potatoes (and other many plants) more susceptible to Phytophthora (which roughly translates to ‘Plant Destroyer’), a water mold that favors high moisture. One particular species of Phytophthora (Phytophthora infestans) was responsible for the Great Famine of Ireland, so you can imagine an infection is not to be taken lightly and can wreak havoc on crops if left untreated.

Through research on potato production, we’ve discovered that SILIFORCE is quite effective at reducing fungal disease development in controlled conditions, particularly that of Phytophthora infections. 

The research was conducted on the BF15 potato variety, and they were administered three foliar applications of SILIFORCE (0,5L/ha & 1L/ha), and two controls were added, one untreated and one treated with Dithan 2.0 (2kg/ha). 

Phytophthora is often treated chemically (like with Dithan 2.0), which is effective but resistance against Phytophthora has been decreasing over the last decennia. The Phytophthora population is becoming more and more aggressive as a result.

SILIFORCE is proven to be a safe solution in plant priming and plant strengthening. It can be used in combination with regular foliar treatments. Research shows improved uptake of active compounds and reduction of plant stress. This makes SILIFORCE a key element for sustainable agriculture!