Through intensive research and development focussing on the key building blocks of life (silicon, proteins and microbes) AGRO-SOLUTIONS contributes significantly towards an innovative and improved agricultural landscape. AGRO-SOLUTIONS has invested in elementary research on Silicon and development of formulations based on MOSA Technology.

Continuous research is done on field application of the different formulas as well as new combinations of MOSA (SILIFORCE, SILAMOL) and other complementary Bio-stimulants like AMX (proteins) and MICROMIX (microbes).

Keywords for our research direction and activities are “natural plant resistance, mineralisation, bio-stimulation and root (area) improvement”.


Analysis and MRI scans

•  Plant Sap Analysis shows optimized mineralization of plants and
improved natural resistance.
•  MRI scans


More than 15 years of research by the AGRO-SOLUTIONS Group has resulted in some great assets for True Sustainable Agriculture. Intensive crop specific field research showed:

  • Improved firmness, brix and calcium levels
  • Improved cell structure and improved interaction between cell structure and water
  • Better coloring and conservation
  • Healthier and more resistant plants
  • Less disease pressure
  • Lowered MRL and PPP molecules
  • Homogeneous sizing of fruits/vegetables/tubers